Thursday, 21 October 2010

Currently I am loving...

1. Clemence Poesy - She is a french actress, recently appeared on a few episodes of Gossip Girl, Season 4, and she is adorable. I just love her classic style.

2. Vintage furniture and bohemian chic decor

3. Red lipstick - when you manage to find the right shade, its just so striking and pretty (its also the best colour for leaving kiss marks on love notes *winks*)

4. Dogs - I have always loved dogs, but lately I have been obsessing about getting a dog (possibly a french bulldog). Unfortunately, I live in an apartment with no garden - So until that changes no dog for me.

5. Unconventional cakes - Recently I've spotted a "cake" made of cookies and one made of macarons. I really love the idea. One day I want a cake made of brownie bites and oreos. *grins*

6. The warmer weather - I can almost pack away my winter clothes now, wear open shoes all the time and sleep without a blanket (yay!).

7. Seafolly swimwear - I totally love this Australian brand. They have so many pretty swimsuits. I am especially in lust with the english rose bustier top and bottom (pictured above).  You can find their stuff in SA at Stuttafords. To see more Seafolly swimwear go here

What are you currently loving?


  1. Those cakes are AWESOME!

    I'm loving not hurling my guts out anymore. Goodbye, gastro! And I'm madly in love with my new camera, my tripod and all things photography. Aside from that, I'm loving the random quotes TSC and I picked up from Despicable Me. "The physical appearance of the please makes no difference." (said in response to "Pretty please?")

  2. Oooooh....guess what kinda cake i'm making next *grin*

  3. I love that actress. Think she is sooo pretty. She's been in a couple of fashion editorials too.
    also feeling you on the boho chic decor. lately have been more interesting in shopping for the flat than for clothes.

  4. That Seafolly swimwear is gorgeous! I'm going to definitely have to check out their stuff.

  5. I'm loving .... making ice cream in my ice cream machine :)
    and having warm weekend outside with my family :)
    and just watching series and chilling with some home made pizza! :)

  6. that costume is beautiful!

    i want one for this summah! where in SA is this delectable shop!?

  7. Wow, THAT bikini could actually make me stop eating for a day or two....let us know if you find out where to find their stuff. I absolutely LUV it!

  8. Revlon Red Lipstick - it has somehow become my signature (along with Revlon Red Nails)

    I would never have thought 5 years ago - that I would be so into Red :)

  9. I've been loving baking things with pumpkin...delicious.

  10. I'm currently loving my new Canon Powershot SX210 camera. It's an automatic 'and' a manual all in one. I want to learn more about photography than just pointing and shooting.

  11. Can get Seafolly from Stuttafords stores:)

  12. Shara - Thanks for the info on where to get them. I will update my post :)


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