Home cooked meals and bribery

My mom promised to come over and visit me and The Boyf tonight (which I was was super happy about, as we always end up going to visit her and this time i really wanted her to come to us.) 

Then, my mom calls me today and says....

Mom: Can you rather come over and see me, Brazen
Me: No, you never come over here. You should come here for a change
Mom: Pleeeeeeaaase, my car is bigger and it would use far more petrol going there than your car would coming here
Me: Nice try mom
Mom: I'll pay for the petrol
Me: *laughs*...No
Mom: I'll buy you a present... maybe some chocolates
Me: No Mom, I want you to come over and visit me. I can't be bribed.
Mom: I'll make you and The Boyf a nice, big home cooked meal
Me: No......Wait... WAIT.....What? Did you say YOU will make me and The Boyf a home cooked meal??
Mom: yes, I did
Me: Are you serious? I dont even rememebr the last time you cooked. 
Mom: Yes, I'm serious. I'll even cook something special
Me: Ok fine. Its a deal. We will come. But if I arrive there and you have pre-made food or microwave meals i'm leaving..*laughs*
Mom: *laughs* Ok. I'll cook you a roast leg of lamb with roast potatoes
Me: No way...really ...a leg of lamb....and some potatoes...Can I invite other people to witness this miracle
Mom: *laughs* Oh stop it, you know i used to cook alot
Me: I dont remember, its been soooo long. I think the last time you made me a big, home cooked meal it was the 90's. 
Mom: *laughs* it has not been that long
Me: I should probably bring my camera.
Mom:  Stop being silly, Brazen
Me: I'm not being silly, I just want to capture this special moment.I mean, it may never happen again. Maybe we can all pose next to the leg of lamb *chuckles*
Mom: * laughs*
Me: *laughs* I can't wait. I'll bring the wine....


  1. I love home cooked meals they are the best.

  2. Your mom is adorable. So ... how was the meal? And why doesn't she want to drive to your place? Do you stay in a shitty neighbourhood? Sharing a white picket fence with a drug dealer?

  3. My mom cooked for 9 people for 28 years.

    With it just being the 2 of us now, she STILL cooks for 9 people. I love a home-cooked meal...but not for the 5th night in a row. lol!


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