Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Nice loft style home

This loft style home belongs to Buenos Aires interior decorator Emma Balch. I like.

To read about the home and see more photos, go here

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  1. so niceee... i love this !!!! i want this home!

  2. Love the Gossip girl fashions- and ive always dreamed of living in a spacious beautiful Loft- guess the ultimate would be with a "Serena" closet too!

  3. I hope to one day have a loft apartment. They always look so nice!!!

  4. Oh heck, I love loft homes! One day, one day ....

  5. I love it. It is the perfect mix of slimline minimalism with eclectic, artsy accents

  6. Ooh it is gorgeous!

    I think light and texture have been used so well.

    I particularly like the text going up the stairs and behind the couch -- a quirky touch.

    Kisses from Wonderland...


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