10 things I learnt this weekend

1. When you really want time to speed up, it seems to go more slowly
2. Nescafe cappucino sachets are so creamy, easy and addictive
3. My new favourite lipstick is Rouge Coco Mademoiselle by Chanel
4.  When The Boyf is away for a few days my OCD really kicks in. *laughs*
5. Col'cacchio's restaurant in Cavendish gives terrible service
6.  Even if food appears to be fresh, I won't eat anything past its expiration date
7. The Cove is such a sad and eye-opening documentary about dolphin killing in Japan.
8. My mother is a bigger shopaholic than me
9. I really like SA band, The Arrows - especially their song "Lovesick"
10. THESE are Oprah's ultimate favourite things for 2010

What did you learn this weekend?


  1. I feel you on number 1.
    am so tired and cannot wait for the day to end yet it feels like it never will.
    sad face.

  2. I learnt that HTML coding makes me dizzy :(


  3. Also love Nescafe cappucino sachets!

  4. I learned that it is possible to, in an instant, experience such happiness that it feels as if your heart may explode:)

  5. Wow, I really agree with 1, 7 and 9! Really love The Arrows and The Cove gives my chills. What I learnt this weekend is that being flexible can lead to an awesome time (figuratively speaking). We had an amazing time in Langebaan and it was certainly not planned!
    Lesson learnt: the plans that weren't planned, normally leads to the best times and memories!!

  6. Girl how you doing? Where'd the bf go? Did he end up eating more pigeons???

    Also love The Arrows. Was hoping they'd play at Kirstenb this year.

    I love Col'cacchio's but I have yet to eat at their Cavendish branch.

    Things I learnt this weekend? Boys freak out when they learn you're 28. Wait that makes me sound like some cradle snatcher.

  7. I love that picture
    x jenna



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