Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Best and worst dressed: American Music Awards

This year at the AMA's there were loads of stunning celebs in pretty dresses, but sadly there were also some awful, (aka "what-the-hell- were -they thinking") choices on the red carpet. Here are my top choices for best and worst dressed...

BEST:  Katy Perry (left) in a gorgeous Badgley Mischka dress and Jessica Alba (right) in a Cushnie et Ochs one-shoulder dress. 
WORST: Ke$ha (left) in a scary outfit with crazy hair and Willow Smith in a really ridiculous, unflattering "costume" (how could Will and Jada have allowed this?) 

 - To see more pics from the AMA's click here  -

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  1. Willow looks silly, poor little girl! She presented very well though

  2. wtf is all i can say for the last two hahaha! Katie and Jessica look fab!

  3. Ah pretty pretty Katie!
    Willow is trying too hard. Think her parents should force her to wear some Converse and get her to play outside instead of sitting in the house thinking up ridiculous outfits to wear to grown up events.

  4. Jessica looks stunning and gorgeous.Totally love her style.

  5. Oh I love Katy Perry's dress.

  6. Kate and Jessica look lovely. I agree with you about Willow, how could her parents have allowed it? She must have dressed herself.

  7. What was Ke$ha thinking? Seriously hope she does not have a stylist! That person should be fired.

  8. Eek, Willow scares me.
    And so does Kesha for that matter.

  9. Re: best... nice dresses, but love the shoes even more, especially Katy Perry's nude heels! *want*

    As for worst, K$sha is just gross, and Willow is on a fine path to child stardom craziness from the looks of it. Shame.

  10. Oh my horror, what are those last 2 wearing?!! I know you should step out of your comfort zone every now and then but there is a limit!;)

  11. ooohhhh my word- Ke$ha?! eww.
    Katy Perry looks amazing though!!
    I still need to watch the awards!


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