Rambling, alone time and the ghost bug

I must apologize to you, darling readers, lately I have been a rather lazy blogger (I'm sure you have noticed all the pretty pictures and lack of writing in the last month). I guess I could blame this on alot of factors, but the truth is I have been spending too much time inside my cluttered head and ontop of that I have been going through some kind of blogging identity crisis (clearly I need to stop taking myself so seriously and I should probably lay off the caffeine for a while). *grins*

The last 4 days I have been spending alot of time on my own, mainly due to the fact that The Boyf  recently left on a trip for a bunch of days. When he left, I had every intention of using this alone time to try work on my creative writing (you know "let the silence and isolation fuel my creativity" or something profound like that )  - But since The Boyf left, all I have done is watch copious amounts of TV, talk to myself, spring clean some drawers and indulge in way too many retail therapy trips....*sigh * It has not been very productive, but it's been very calming.

In other random news - There is a bug hiding somewhere in my apartment and I dont know where it is (oh,  the horror). OK, let me explain: On Sunday night I was happily watching TV when out of the corner of my eye I spied something crawling across the lounge floor (this "thing" was not big enough to be a mouse or small enough to dismiss as a figment of my imagination). Obviously when i registered that I was not alone in the room, I let out a mini scream and stood up on my couch. I surveyed the lounge and saw........ nothing! (which is so creepy, right) I leapt from the couch, hurried into the kitchen, grabbed a torch and found a can of bug defence. I slowly went back into the lounge and  scanned parts of the room, but had no luck locating the creepy, ghost bug. (note: I am on high alert "bug watch" now. So i shall keep you posted on any developments).

Ok, enough about me... how have you been this week?


  1. I had a mother of a moth chase me around my bedroom last night. At least I could see it though, unlike your buggy friend. Hope he's moved out and you'll never have to find out what it was!

  2. Retail therapy sounds good! :) I have been crazy busy and now i am going to start counting down the days till vacation! :)

  3. my boy lives in Cape Town and me in Joburg. I often have those moments you talk of... all I can say is... *hug!


    PS. i was going to say "you're not alone" but i realized that might come as a negative thing with your buggie prob! ;)

  4. Bobby- I hope so too

    Retail therapy was good - will have to share pics soon

    Jaxi - thank you *hugs back*

  5. xxx and hugs and thoughts to you BB.
    phone me later or tomorrow if you like

    bug hugs
    the other BB

  6. Nothing wrong with a bit of retail therapy and relaxing! Sometimes you just need to escape a bit x

  7. After I got out of the shower yesterday morning, I saw a spider climbing up the far side of the tub. I went to take a shower this morning and there was no spider.

    If there HAD been, I guess I could've gone another day. ; )

  8. Oh no! Hope you find the bug...

  9. I'm leaving on a jet plane today. And last night I had a dream about snakes on a plane (think they made a movie about it). Anyway, slightly freaked out.

  10. Oh I hate boyfriendless bug situations. I end up avoiding that part of the house till he gets back. Unless it's the kitchen, nothing gets between me and my food :)

  11. What a lovely honest post. I so hear you about the blogger identity crisis thing. I went through it this year too... I think I'm still going through it.

    For me the 'for-now' solution has been to start 2 separate blogs, keep my original for thoughts and drawings, blog about my wedding obsession at Oh Darling Bride and save the other one for social media/geeky type posts.

    It sounds crazy but it's freed me to be as silly, personal, obsessive and sometimes even impersonal and techie without worrying that about any clashes. I agree with you, blogging shouldn't be so serious. I think it's because I'm judged on my 9-5 writing (I ghost blog) that sort of 'what-will-so-and-so-think' hesitation slipped into my personal expression. Starting a fun blog helped me freshen it up, take myself less seriously and remember that the bottom line is.... I blog for fun!

    Oh, and there's a lot to be said for the power of a little retail therapy :)

  12. hee hee...

    I also do the 'talking to myself' thing.

    (I try to use my cat as an excuse, but at the end of the day a conversation with yourself is a conversation with yourself :p)

  13. oh no! Yuk for the bug! Yay for the retail therapy!!! :-)

  14. Dear Being Brazen,

    I have lso been the most useless blogger over the last 4 weeks- not one blog, been a very sad situation! but im back, as I hope your love is!
    Hope you so weel and ive been loving catching up on Being Brazen, as I said to lana, you provide me such inspiration!
    Happy Sunday


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