Wednesday, 24 November 2010

On my bucket list... by Cal

Today,Cape Town blogger, Cal (from Fable Fairy ) will be sharing a few things from her bucket list - Enjoy...
Thank-goodness some of things that were on my list have been ticked off: marry the man of my dreams; spontaneously meet a dolphin in the ocean; Have a baby (or 2), but of course there is always more.


1. Though I have been practicing yoga weekly for ten years, I still cannot do the pose “downward facing dog” perfectly with flat feet. I’d love to perfect that.

2. Though I have started a herb garden, I’d love to grow all my own vegetables and learn to cook a s well as the Doc.

3. Take my Silverback bicycle (with my one little girl on the seat behind me and the other riding alongside me) on the open road

4. Honor the past of my grandmother by visiting the east German town where my grandparent’s families lived pre Nazi Germany and meet the minister who researched their story and erected a statue for them - a symbol of the town’s apology for not being able to save them from the Nazis. (This is a picture of her in her swimsuit leaning against a tree before that all happened)

5. Finish a jewellery making course I stared in London and make the pieces I dream for Fablefairy; Do a pattern making course and sew more.

6. Honor the difficult journey I had to fall pregnant (due to having endometriosis) by organizing a training course for counselors so everybody has up to date facts about science, ethics (etc).

7. Dye my longish curly hair either Vivienne Westwood red or a lighter shade of red

8. Own a Missibaba bag

9. Help get every young person in this country, whatever their race to understand they ARE at risk for HIV and need to use protection.

10. Help get EVERY young girl from the age of 10 - 26 to be vaccinated against HPV which causes cervical cancer – the biggest killer of SA women. IT’S THE ONE CANCER THAT CAN BE PREVENTED with a vaccine, but many women don’t know that and haven’t had it yet.

11. Try to have it all –love, family, creativity, friends, work and balance- and to teach my girls how

Note: "On my bucket list..." is a weekly series. Each week a fabulous blogger will share a few things from their bucket list. To read other bucket lists, go HERE


  1. The story of her grandparents is crazy!

  2. "Much uncertainty and controversy over safety and efficacy surrounds the two HPV vaccines currently being marketed and promoted worldwide" just googled it as I didnt know there was a vaccine, if it had no side effects I'd go for it but some of what I read scared me off.

    Why is the story of her grandparents crazy? Did I miss something curious constellation? What is the actual fascinating story? lol all I read was that they formerly lived in East Germany and had a statue erected in their honor.

  3. Hi anonymous. My gran's family were killed along with 6 million other jews soley for being Jewish. Nazis killed Jewish people. Persecution on the grounds of religion, class, country of origin, race, sexual orientation or gender (anywhere in the world) is crazy don't you think? racism, sexism, anti-semitism, homophobia its all crazy.

    Re the hpv vaccine great that you're researching it. The gynae doc is writing an article for my blog on the issue. The side effects claims were disproven but that stuff is still up on the web. Cervical cancer can safely be prevented. It's obviously a personal choice to have the vaccine or not.

  4. Wonderful and insightful list!

  5. oh no Fablefairy I got that they were jews killed in Germany. Just that he said "crazy story" thought there was more to it.

    Glad to hear about the side effects being disproven, definitely good that you are promoting it! Where would you get it? at a normal dr or just gynaecologist? do all gynae's administer it?

  6. thanks guys. hi anon the hpv vaccine is being administered by gynaes and they could answer all questions and concerns.


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