And the winners are...

Today I get to announce the winners of two fabulous giveaways (note: to choose the winners, I used to select five names, then those 5 names went into a hat and The Boyf shuffled them before I picked a name).
First up...
The winner of the fabulous, Truworths Festive Giftcard giveaway is... *drum roll* ...... Bridget McNulty! Congrats lady, please e-mail me your details.

The winner of the sweet, gold flower necklace is... Novelista Barista! Congrats, please contact me soon.

A big thank you to everyone that entered and sponsored fabulous giveaways in 2010. Darlings, there will not be anymore giveaways for this year - BUT next year there will definitely be loads more giveaways up for grabs :)


  1. OH MY GOODNESS!!!!!!!!!!
    This has totally made my day, my week - my year! I can't tell you how excited we are, thank you thank you thank you!!!!
    I can't stop grinning :)

  2. wow just in time for Christmas, Bridget! Enjoy your winnings!!!

  3. French Toast & Cute Crickets - sweet things to learn:)


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