Friday fluff & some lovely links

Hello Darlings, how are you this fine Friday? I am fabulous. A box of  Lindt chocolate balls magically appeared on my desk and then a piece a chocolate mousse cake (the chocolate fairies have been kind today). Before I get distacted by all the sweet treats, and go into a sugar induced coma, I thought I should write a post.

Christmas is just 14 days away (crazy but true) and  I am just starting to feel festive. Yesterday I was at the mall and I actually found myself happily skipping down aisles to Christmas music, while dodging other shoppers . This year I plan to keep things simple for Christmas - I will mainly be giving loved ones books or plants as gifts (i feel like you can never really have too many of either) and I will be giving a decorated cactus the title "my christmas tree" *winks* 

Onto random always there is so much I want to share with y'all (but i never have the time to post it all), So here are some links you might like to check out:
Hope you have a lovely, fun-filled weekend.


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