Hello December....

For me, November was a "wallflower" kind of a month - It arrived empty handed, looked rather unimpressed, stood against the wall, made small talk and quietly left before anyone could ask it to dance *chuckles*

Thankfully December arrived wearing its dancing shoes, a big smile and carrying an armful of gifts *winks* .  If I was a betting gal,  I would definitely put all my money on this month being a winner.  I mean,  how could it not be a great month with so many grand things planned - like: chilling in the sun, catching up with lovely people, eating lots of yummy Christmas food, reading lots of books, dashing through a few malls and finally going away on some mini getaways  *does a happy dance *

Speaking of mini getaways...Tomorrow The Boyf and I are off on our first one of the month (so you will have to excuse my lack of blogging tomorrow). I will be back to blogging on Monday and will be sure to share some details about the trip :)

Do you have any grand plans for December? do tell...


  1. Toooooo many great things planned for December :)
    Enjoy your mini-getaway tomorrow!

  2. Me too looking fwd to December.
    Enjoy your trip!

  3. aww have fun on your mini getaway!! I love December because it does bring a lot of joy! I might be moving into my new place in it so I'm real excited for that!! =) Enjoy!! =)

    Melanie's Randomness

  4. I like the analogies you've made to November being a retiring wallflower but December being the life and soul of the party. Clever!
    Let the party season begin...
    Enjoy your long weekend :)

  5. have a great trip! i think december is shaping up to be pretty fantastic as well. the holidays have that effect on me!

  6. Enjoy the getaway :)

    That photo makes me dream of roadtrips...

  7. Love that pic
    Enjoy your trip away. I'm leaving behind the smog of Jozi and heading to the clean air of the Eastern Cape.

  8. Yep, November was a bitch. December looking good so far. I'm gonna ride camels and support my friends in their various endeavours =)

  9. Do you people have a facebook fan page? I looked for one on twitter but could not discover one, I would really like to become a fan!


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