10 things I learnt while on holiday

1. Swimming in a rainy, lightning storm is exhilarating
2. Too many second helpings of food over the festive season and no exercise will make your jeans feel tighter than they should.
3. I really need to get over my fear of flying insects
4. Hogsback, in the Eastern Cape, is very pretty and is the place that apparently inspired JRR Tolkien to write Lord of the Rings (see a photo of a Hogsback forest here)
5. Bird watching can be very interesting
6. Green Cross has nice leather bags - I recently got this classic, sling-across one
7.  Having a "Coconut Bay" scented car freshener, by Yankee Candle, makes me think of a beach holiday everytime I get into my car.
8. Nicholas Evans books never dissapoint me (enjoyed his latest book The Brave)
9. Tron Legacy in 3D was not as good as I hoped, but the costumes & effects were rad
10. I NEED to put my words into action more (and remember this)

What have you learnt recently?


  1. Sounds like it was a great holiday :)
    The forest is so beautiful!

  2. Did I mention that I'm going to Bali???
    10 things that I learnt???
    1) I like snorkeling.
    2) My cousin tells everyone that I'm a hot, crazy bitch. How sweet is that?
    7) My CV joints need replacing.
    9) I can complete 5km in 35min.
    10) Male runners are incredibly attractive. If you know of one, send him my way.

  3. It sounds like you had a super time. And oh wow that forest is stunning! My jeans got tighter too :) Hi ho hi ho, it's back to gym we go I guess! Except I'm opting to brisk walk outdoors... treadmills get boring fast. Have a great week!

  4. I've never had that swimming experience, but sounds amazing! :)

  5. ok-10 things that I learnt this holiday
    1. Being in the African Bush and listening to the sounds of the night is one of my favourite things in the world.
    2.Taking off in a jhb lightning storm is frightning.
    3.I need to learn not to overpack
    4.I love the smell of sunscreen (smells truely are like time-capsules that transport you to a moment)
    5.Being happy and comfortable in yourself is the most attractive and elegant thing one can be
    6.New Years needs to be a time with close friends and family
    7.Live concerts are exhilirating
    8.Walking into your home after a long break is very peaceful
    9. Holidays are way more fun if you have worked hard before hand.
    10.Its very satisfying looking down an newly pedicured toes on tanned feet in summer sandels!

  6. I have heard so many good things about Hogsback, I need to get out there soon.

  7. Growing up, we were told to get out of the pool if we heard thunder/saw lightning. One summer, I was swimming when a storm blew in, causing lightning. I hauled my backsides out of the pool and into the house in about 20 seconds flat. I can't imagine doing it now. lol!

    Pretty woods!!!

    Love the purse!

    I learned that my man won't hold a grudge if I injure him. ; )

  8. I love this can relate to the first two very well!!

  9. Yeahh I learned the jeans thing too. I have to work on that. I love bird watching & cloud watching! I haven't read any Nicolas Evans books. I should! I learned that you should never eat left over chinese food. Yikes it can make you sick! =)

    Melanie's Randomness

  10. Welcome back!
    Hope you had a good holiday and so glad I am not the only one with jeans that are now a tad too tight.xxx


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