Gossip Girl, Season 4 - outfit spotting

After 7 weeks without any new episodes of  Gossip Girl, I was starting to experience some serious withdrawal symptoms. Thankfully GG is back from it's hiatus and I can't wait to see what new drama is about to unfold in the rest of Season 4 :)

This week on Gossip Girl there was plenty of lust worthy winter fashion from the girls and Chuck is looking as suave as ever. Here are some of the fashion details (from  top left, clockwise):

1. Blair in a  very conservative Louis Vuitton jacket and skirt
2. Serena rocks thigh-high Tania Spinelli boots and a Burberry coat
3. Blair wearing a snuggly Philosophy coat, big scraf and a Lanvin bag
4. Chuck in a Hugo Boss tuxedo


  1. That Burberry coat. To die for.

  2. those boots are amazing!
    now if only i had longer legs.

  3. I wish I could afford all of the stuff from the show...best cast-wardrobe on TV!


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