Friday, 28 January 2011

On my bucket list... by Zeanne

Today the sweet, Cape Town based blogger Zeanne (from coffee rings and other things) will be sharing a few things from her bucket list - Enjoy...
1. Road Trip of my Dreams- I want to buy a convertable with my one true love and travel from South to North down the West Coast of the United States, I want to stop in Carmel, San Francisco, the Nappa Valley and all the wonderful towns we possibly can stop at . I want to soak up the road, loud music in the car, the heat and the sights- I want to wear big glasses and a hat and be thin enough to eat all the burgers along the way I want to!

2. Fairy Garden - I want to nurture a small garden full of only white flowers, I want it to be like a fairy garden, and I want my kids to love it and for it to be full of magic for them!

3. Sagria with my Dad - I want to attend a service in the Sagria Familia in Spain, once it has been completed with my Dad. I want to sit next to him and be in awe of the masterpiece that was built in our time and that we have watched develop along the way on our trips there.

4. Architecture of my dreams - I want to design my own house with my own drawings and my own imagination and have it built. I want it to be friendly, white, breezy and light, with huge shutters, sink in couches, a long table and I want it always be full of laughter and peace.

5. Always be in Love- I want to be married forever and ever.

6. To be Stylish - I want to be mentioned in a wonderful design magazine ( Like the UK edition of Elle decor) I want to be mentioned for my fabulous style and my designs.

7.The African Bush - I want to spend 2 weeks in Manna pools in Zimbabwe. I want to get close close to wild Eelephants and Lions and be filled to the max with that wonderful feeling of being in the magical bush.

8. Antiques in France with my mom - I want to spend hours and days and more hours scouring the authentic French Antique markets of France with my Mom. I want to buy what ever I want and have it all shipped back to my beautiful, whimsical, African villa, a home filled with my treasures and finds!

9. My Pet Zebra- I want to own a pet zebra that comes to my kitchen window and eats what i give it through there. I want it to have a peacock and a small buck for a friend, and for them to be my pets in my beautiful African garden around my beautiful house, mentioned above!

10. My Sisters - I want to travel to Morocco with my sisters, Cara and Meix. I want to explore and shop and take photo's and feel like we are discovering a magical exotic land together!

Note: "On my bucket list..." is a weekly series. Each week a fabulous blogger will share a few things from their bucket list. To read other bucket lists, go HERE


  1. Hi Zeanne, Your bucket list is lovely, dreamy, whimsical sweetness! I love the idea of a garden of only white flowers and, if you designed your own house, I'm sure it would be so amazing all those décor mags will want to feature it.

    I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your blog!

  2. Sounds nice ... whimsical ... full of magic and love.

  3. Love your list Zeanne! I agree with so many things and your magical garden idea is one of the best ideas I've heard in ages!x

  4. Very awesome list! Shows that she is a very interesting person!


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