Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Movies I want to watch...

Here are just a few of the films I would like to see at the moment - hopefully they will all be out here soon (click on movie title for more info) .... 

1. Morning Glory - because Rachel McAdams and Harrison Ford are great actors.
2. Country Strong - because I really do want to see Gwyneth Paltrow and Leighton Meester sing country songs (it's true)
3. True Grit - because I haven't seen a good western in a while
4. Tangled - cause it looks adorable (and you are never too old for animation)

To see my last "must-see" movie list  - click HERE

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  1. Saw a preview for Morning Glory and it looks awesome!

  2. I really want to see Black Swan and The Tourist. But Morning Glory looks awesome as well :)

  3. You're not even going to tell us about the plot of the movies??? Bad blogger!

  4. Wait. You added the link AFTER my comment. Now everyone's going to think I'm a moron, who doesn't know how to click on links.

    And no, there's no pleasing me.

  5. I want to see these too. Especially Morning Glory. I also can't wait for the film adaptation of Jane Eyre to be out in March.

  6. the only one i have seen in tangled and it is seriously so cute! i loved it so much more than I thought i would. and i want to see the others too! :)

  7. True Grit was a major movie moment of my little world.

    And that little girl is a major player in that desert landscape.


  8. Tangled,tangled,tangled! You should really watch it.It's adorable, amazing and awesome! I totally loved it;)And for an animated movie, Flynn looks dashingly gorgeous=)Have a nice day.Tc.

  9. True Grit sounds good -- I love the Coen brothers & enjoy a good Western.

    I am also really looking forward to Black Swan and Sucker Punch!

  10. Morning Glory was really good!! It is a very motivating movie! I recommend it! =)

    Melanie's Randomness

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