10 things I learnt this weekend

1. Red wine + yum pizza + interesting conversation = a good night ...always
2. Reyjeane, in De Waterkant, is a really nice salon and spa
3. Buying an MP3 player for a 7 year old was an awesome idea
4. Chanel's Rouge Coco lipsticks are worth the splurge (bought THIS one recently)
5. Live burlesque shows are highly entertaining
6. Cutting down on my sugar intake is making me feel alot less moody
7. I adore my hair fascinator from The Little Hattery ( I want some more)
8. I should wear dresses alot more often - even if my legs are "vampire" white
9. The Boyf looks so cute in a bow tie
10. Sometimes you have to stop over planning and allow time to be spontaneous

What have you learnt lately?


  1. I learnt that I actually don't mind camping that much.

  2. Cute lessons :)

    I learnt that Rammstein are indeed *the best band in the world* and that I do not have the words to adequately describe what incredible performers & musicans they are, nor how much i love them :p

  3. I learnt to be a bit more patient on the road. No need to be in a rush all the time.

  4. great list!
    even better thanks for the link to The Little Hattery. looks amazing!

  5. Oooo I LOVE The Little Hattery, I have 2 teeny hats from them and plan to work on growing my collection.

    Love your blog.


  6. Agree with number 1 - had one of those evenings last night. They're soul food!

    Didn't so much learn something new, was just reminded that nothing in life is permanent :)


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