Best and worst dressed: Grammy Awards

At this year's Grammy Awards there were lots of pretty dresses and plenty of ridiculous outfits. Here are my top choices for best and worst dressed....
1. Selena Gomez in a gorgeous, metallic J.Mendel slipdress
2. Nicole Kidman in an embellished Jean Paul Gaultier gown (elegant).
3. Kelly Osbourne in a Tadashi Shoji dress (so cute)

1. Lady Gaga arriving wearing an egg shell. Apparently she was "incubating," - WTH? 
2. Nicki Minaj's totally over the top leopard print outfit by Givenchy

Who's Grammy outfit did you like or dislike this year?

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  1. i cannot believe Lady G arrived in an egg.. that is ridic

  2. OH MY WORD!!
    The egg?!? Did she hatch during the night?
    haha! I can just imagine the jokes that are going to surface from this "ensemble"...
    I guess, "chicken or beef?" she is truely bizarre!!

  3. I don't get Gaga. Seriously.

  4. Nicole Kidman is always so stylish!

  5. I really need diet tips from Kelly Osbourne. She looked so pretty!

    Over Lady Gaga!

  6. I know we all don't think Lady Gaga is the most stylish but you've gotta admire her. We're going to talk about her so much 'cause of this.

  7. I think Nicole Kidman looked the best! Very cute & classy! Lady gaga should have stayed in the egg. =)

    Melanie's Randomness

  8. Willow Smith. WTH were her parents thinking? Jada was dressed fairly decently so it's not like she doesn't have good taste.

  9. i cannot believe a lady arrived in agg how it is possible all your collection about fashion is so cool and beautiful nice working about new and latest fashion thanks for sharing this nice and cool information


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