Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Get hearty in the kitchen

With it being the month of love and all, I thought Id take this opportunity to showcase some absolutely fabulous heart-shaped things that I would love to have in my kitchen (all items are available online from

1. Silicone heart egg ring - by Kitchen Craft
2. Heart bowl with heart ladle -  by Sagaform 
5. Heart cookie cutters - by Cuisipro

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  1. I would eat ANYTHING cooked in a heart shaped dish. Even snails.

  2. I have number 6 but in red - makes me so happy!

  3. I want a heart-shaped cutting board! Thanks for sharing, now I will have one.

  4. Ah man, how cute are the La Creuset pots ooh and the board!

  5. love is always the special ingredient! happy cooking!!

    great blog,
    Annina of


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