10 things I learnt this weekend

1. Red Riding Hood was not as good as I was expecting - I was dissapointed.
2. I really want my hair to be as long as Amanda Seyfried's (pictured above)
3. Having people over for dinner is the best motivation to clean up better than usual
4. Aimlessly riding around on the back of The Boyf's harley can be so much fun
5. El Burro restaurant, in Green Point, makes such yummy Mexican food.
6. Finding a book that I struggle to put down makes me so happy
7. People seem to be fascinated by remote control helicopters
8. The Next 3 Days is a brilliant film that keeps you on edge until the end.
9. I can be so ridiculously insecure at times  - I seriously need to get over myself.
10. More and more I find this to be very true: "Gratefulness is the key to a happy life..."  - David Steindl-Rast

Have you learnt anything lately?


  1. BUMMER about Red Riding Hood! I'm going this weekend!

  2. Its been a while since I've read a 'struggle to put down' book. Been reading Eat, Pray, Love for more than 3 months now. It's just not making me happy.

  3. What are you reading at the moment doll?

  4. Love and Stuff - Try 'Water for Elephants.' I read after reading Janine's review and I have fallen in love with it so much, that I buy it for everyone...:)

  5. Your lists are always so true and so lovely! I love a good book too & cleaning up is made "more important" when hosting!

  6. I always enjoy reading your "10 things I learnt this weekend" list :)

    I learnt that a good long weekend can feel like a (much-appreciated) holiday...

  7. What I learnt? Even though a guy has a gf doesn't mean he won't cheat on her. That Easy A is a funny, funny film. That I will go to great lengths to NOT miss a race - stole my dad's car. I love David Sedaris' new book. Oh pics of Bali are on my blog. Check it out!

  8. that was really interesting! it is a shame little red riding hood wasn't that good..it did seem pretty scary though
    seems like you have been having a good few days though! :)


  9. find a good book to escape into is just the best thing ever!

  10. I think your hair is really lovely btw! x

  11. pff! i'm not gonna see red ridding hood. it's mindless rubbish.


  12. Shame about the film, but here's a link to Amanda Seyfried singing 'lil red riding hood' and it's beautiful...maybe it will make up for the movie let down

  13. Oops, forgot the link..


  14. Such a lovely list!

    I learnt that choc mint ice-cream can be addictive.

  15. Haha! so funny about the helicopters - my boyfriend begged me to buy him one for Christmas, so I did. and now I am the one who loves it more!

    I learnt that there is just no way that one can not cry at your big brother's wedding..... ;)

  16. I have not heard anything good about Red Riding Hood


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