blah blah's, the mountain and kismet friends

Hello Darlings,  how are you all doing? Currently I'm super perky and rather busy... In the last 3 weeks I've been to some weddings, bought an irresponsible amount of clothes (me and my credit card are currently not speaking), finally caught up on my sleep (remember THIS post), have become addicted to food (more so than usual), have been  trying to get started on my plan to take over the world (though i'm more pinky, than the brain) and have been trying to keep my blog interesting.

Oh, and I actually found some time to conquer my fear of heights and went up Table Mountain for the first time ever (since I'm a born and bred capetonian this is rather embarrassing to admit). I wont lie, the steep  ride up to the top - in a cable car that rotates - was pretty scary,  but once I reached the top it was awesome. I took the above photo from the top with my phone's camera.

In other random news: last week I met two lovely british ladies both named Georgie (how strange is that?). I instantly liked them and just felt like I had known them for ages - Sadly they had to go back to UK. Hmmm.. It's strange actually, most of the very good friends I have made in my life I have felt an almost instant connection with (like a kismet vibe) - Do you get that feeling too when you meet someone for the first time and just know you could be bestest friends?

Note: I have a poll up on the moment (on the right). Answers appreciated. 


  1. I can totally relate on the Kismet friend story. On contiki last year May, I met a girl (and her hubby) from Australlia. I feel like I have known her forever, I wish she lived here, we would be inseperable if she did. She and hubby came to SA for the world Cup in June and we hung out some more, They're also coming to our wedding in October. Weird how you can feel such a connection with someone you don't really know that well.? Even weirder is that my Fiance had the same connection with her husband. The 4 of us were inseperable. I miss them both so much ;-(

  2. Love going up Table Mountain with the cable way. So with you on the credit card thing. Mine has been removed from my purse!

  3. Can totally relate to the "meeting someone for the first time". Met a lady called Kate, a hairdresser on the train on the way to the U2 concert. Divine lady. You just reminded me that my sister & I took her cell number and have never phoned. Have to do something about that.

  4. I love Table Mountain.... lost track of how many times I was up there when I lived in Cape Town :-) I do miss it so much...
    Hopefully you will keep in touch with Georgie x 2.
    There's an award for you on my blog, by the way...

  5. Yay for going up. Next time hike up and take the cable car down :0

  6. Gorgeous photo! I can just imagine how awesome it looked in person. I have a kismet friend that I met on Blogger. We haven't met in person yet but she's planning on visiting with the next year. She's more like a sister to me than my actual sister. ; )


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