I want... a jewellery armoire

The other day I stumbled across the above picture and all I could think was "Why have I never had one of these awesome little jewellery organiser closets in my life?"

I have 4 jewellery boxes already and since my collection keeps growing, I will need another one soon. Honestly, I think a jewellery armoire would really solve my issue and help me organise my jewellery so much better. 

I have not seen any in Cape Town before, but I'm sure I could get someone to make me one.

So, how much do you want one of these now?


  1. aaw... I had a mini one of those.. But there was a break-in at the commune I stayed at, and the horrid thief-people stole a whole drawer from it.. Not just the items in it, they actually took a whole drawer.. *meeeh!* :(

  2. Oooo I totally wish I had one!! My jewelry is not as organized as it should be!!! =)

    Melanie's Randomness

  3. Ah would kill for one :) your blog is looking lovely xxx

  4. I had no idea there was one like this.I need one4 my accessories!

  5. Ha!..all my jewels and babbles and chains are piled high in painted bowls sitting long the dresser top.


  6. i desperately need one of these, no word of a lie.
    my jewels are all smushed into a bag at the moment!
    i know. a bag.


  7. OMG!!!
    That is the most awesome thing I have ever seen!!!!
    Where would you even get things like that?!

  8. OMG. If you find someone who will make them, PLEASE let me know.
    It's PERFECT!!

    Absolutely love your blog.. you have a new follower and I'm adding you to my must read list!


    Visit: Vanilla Blonde (http://baileyschneidersblog.blogspot.com )

  9. That would solve SO many problems!

  10. I wish we get this one in the market its sooo PERFECT for keeping jewellery. I hate to but i am always digging in piles of my jewellery every time!! wish you sell these...!!


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