Movies I want to watch...

Here are a few films that have recently made it onto my neverending, want-to-watch movie list - hope they will all be out in SA soon - from top left, clockwise (click title to read more about film):

1. Take Me Home Tonight - its set in the 80's and looks super funny
2. Water for Elephants -Its based on a novel that I madly love
3. Red Riding Hood - Its a different take on the classic Red Riding Hood
4. Rango - Its about a chameleon that aspires to be a swashbuckling hero - cute!
5. Sucker Punch - Girls in sexy outfits kicking butt...sounds cool
6. Never Let Me Go - Keira Knightley and Carey Mulligan star in it

What movie are you looking forward to seeing?


  1. Ahhhh, I could not be more excited to see Water for Elephants...Greatest book ever! I must read your book lists and choose my next read, since you have such great taste...


  2. Never Let Me Go is beautiful and heart wrenching. You definitely need to watch it.

  3. Saw a trailer for "Never Let Me Go". looks fab!

  4. Water for Elephants... I cannot wait. The book was amazing.

  5. I-just-can't-wait-for-*suckerpunch*

  6. A Johnny Depp movie I haven't heard of yet? You are good at this!

    Red Ridging Hood looks interesting too...

  7. I hated the book version of Never Let Me Go so am hoping the film delivers. I have Water for Elephants on my bedside table so I'm glad so many people love it!

  8. Red Riding Hood sounds like it could be fun. When is it expected to be out in SA? Just found your blog....enjoying the catch up!

  9. Never let me go was such a great great book.

  10. Water For Elephants, but because it was your fave book in 2010 I might want to read it first!

  11. Did I mention I'm in Bali??? Pictures on my blog =) I rode an elephant today! (Go leave a comment!)


  12. I'm reading Water for Elephants right now so I can't wait to see it!! I want to see Little Red Riding Hood & Sucker Punch as well!!

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