Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Fabulous little apartment

This apartment is only 48 square metres in size - can you believe it? I am loving the decor and the clever use of space.

  - To see more images of this fab little home trot over HERE -

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  1. Wow! I also have a TINY place so I know what it's like trying to decorate it and still leave space!
    Great inspiration!

    Much love, Bailey from Vanilla Blonde

  2. That really is a fabulous little apartment! Want that lucite coffee table!!

  3. Yes! It's really cute and stylish. I love the overall layout. :-)

  4. love it :O amazing.i can definitely imagine myself in there!

  5. Love,Love,Love that grey chinese cupboard.Oooh and that desk and the screen.

  6. The panels used to divide the sleeping area from the living area just look tacky. But very nice indeed otherwise.

  7. Perfect! Organising our apartment & making the most of our space is my winter project! I'm so inspired! Our apartment is tiny and I love little treasures... I need to declutter! Thanks for the great post :)


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