Friday, 15 April 2011

Movie thoughts: Water For Elephants

Last year I read Water For Elephants and absolutely loved it - so naturally, I had high expectations when I went to see the film last night. Was I dissapointed? No, but it was not as good as the book.

Here are some of my thoughts...

The main characters: First off I must say I am a a bit biased and would probably love Reese Witherspoon in anything, but she really looked stunning in this film and is great as Marlena. Robert Pattinson is handsome and good as Jacob, but I keep thinking maybe they should have picked someone else (maybe its just me, but I can't stop seeing him as "vampire Edward" just yet ). Christoph Waltz is brilliant and perfectly cast as August, the evil ringmaster. Easily one of the most likable characters in the film is Rosie, the elephant.

The film: It's entertaining, sad, heartwarming and is visually stunning (I really loved the costumes and sets).  It's also definitely a film made more for woman (though I'm sure some guys will like it too). Despite the age difference between Robert and Reese, the on screen romance/chemistry is believable. Thankfully there are not too many noticeable, or annoying, differences between the book and the film. The only issue I have with the film, is that it seemed to lack a certain depth - but this is probably just because I read the book first.
The verdict: I really like it and if I had to score it out of 10, I would give it a 7.5

 Have you seen the film? What did you think?

 - top image is from Vogue, May 2011 -

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  1. Wanted to buy the book, but all the book shops here said "Oh its on order try again in a week" Would it be a mistake to watch the movie first?

  2. Love and stuff - I dont think it would be a mistake..It will just be a different viewing experience - Maybe a better one, because you wont know what you missing ;)

  3. I also watched the film last night, and I haven't read the book. I thought overall it was a good film, but let's be honest - defs not one for the guys!

    I just want to say that I think its so awesome of Numetro to have organised a 'girls night' at the movies - the free chocolates made my night ♥

    Do you know what & when the next one is?

  4. It's so true when you say that you can only see Rob Pattinson as the pale and forlorn Edward. Think the role in Twilight will have him stereotyped as the 'eternal vampire'.

  5. I am pleading complete ignorance here because before the film came out I had never heard of the book (gasp!) From a visual point of view, the movie looks stunning but I think I will hold out until I have read the book!

  6. I'm not a 'movie person' but I would love to see this one. One thing though, there's a 10 year age difference between Reese and Robert.

    A lot of older male actors get much younger female love interests and I don't like that either...or it could just be that I'm not an Edward fan.

  7. As I first saw Robert Pattinson in Harry Potter as Cedric Diggory, he will always be that to me and not Edward Cullen. I look forward to Water for Elephants because Rob here looks like Cedric not Edward.

  8. Been dying to read the book and then a few people said it wasn't that good.
    But read some good reviews from bloggers.

    Dying to see the movie so lets see what happens

  9. I really really loved it and was surprised that the age difference came not across in the movie. She is supposed to be a few years older than him anyhow, non?
    I was just amazed by August, he seemed almost bipolar in the movie, which to me gave him a very human edge.

  10. Any - Agreed, didnt really notice the age difference and the chemistry between them was good. August was brilliant...just brilliant.

  11. Really want to go and watch this...thanks for sharing. x

  12. Just watched the movie and I absolutely loved it! I'm also a big fan of Reese Witherspoon and loved her as Marlena. I walked out of the cinema and straight into an Exclusive Books and bought myself the book! Looking forward to reading it!

  13. Made me want to find a circus and run away with it :)

  14. Watched this movie recently. Didn't think the plot was original. Reminded me of Titanic ...


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