Got Royal wedding fever?

In honour of Kate & Prince Williams big day tomorrow, I thought I'd share these Royal wedding  inspired things that I recently spotted on The House that Lars Built Etsy shop. I like the simple designs and I think the plates would actually look rather cool hanging on a wall (if thats your thing)...

1. Pretty map of the wedding procession route
2. Plates of: Prince William, Kate, a British flag and the ring
3. Commemorative mug

Do you have Royal wedding fever OR do you think it's all too hyped up?


  1. I have absolutely got royal wedding fever!! I'm so excited about watching it all tomorrow.

    It's like real life disney- a normal girl becomes a princess. I'm actually more interested in seeing all the hats and what everyone wears!! Seriously, finding a wedding outfit is hard enough but when the whole world is watching??! :)

    I wrote a massive post today because I keep annoying everyone so I just got it all out on my blog instead.

  2. I do most definitely have Royal Wedding fever :) too excited for tomorrow!


  3. I'm also looking forward to tomorrow's big event.

    I also love all the fashion...I remember watching Princess Di's wedding on the telly back in Scotland. It was very glam even back then.

  4. It's too hyped up, imo. But, being a girl (albeit an old one), I want to see the dress.


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