Say hello to my Sigma brush set

I have never had a full set of make-up brushes (strange, but true)- So, when Sigma Makeup kindly offered to send me a set of brushes, I happily accepted.

My lovely Sigma make-up brushes arrived surprisingly quick and wonderfully packaged (see first image, above). The brush set comes with cleaning instructions, brief explanation of what brushes are for and comes in a handy container/holder. All in all I am super impressed with the quality and look of the brushes.... now I just have to learn how to use them properly *winks*

I had a choice of four colours, but decided to go for the classic black, "Make Me Classy" set. The other brush set colours available are: aqua (aka "Make Me Cool"), Coral (aka "Make Me Blush") and purple (aka "Make Me Crazy") - each priced at $99.

Trot over HERE to check out other Sigma products or to buy a set of these brushes.

- photos taken by my boyf -


  1. Yay! I have those and a few mac ones. WOuld never go back to anything else now! Enjoy :) x

  2. Ooh Brazen, that is so very cool!

    I also don't have a full set of make-up brushes -- in fact I didn't know such a variety existed O_o so the post was rather educational ;)

    Enjoy experimenting with some new looks.


  3. these look beautiful! they sent me one of their brushes a while ago and the quality was great! the black is really classic, enjoy! x

  4. looks lovely :) enjoy them BB

    :) good choice with the black :)

    BB x

  5. Would love a set of these in the pink or purple. They look really good.

  6. Sigh!!! Why did you show me this! haha. Now I wants. Too awesome! You are so lucky. I have a partial set of Rimmel branded make-up brushes my Mom got for free once. Partial set, because she stole the powder brush. lol

  7. I am very envious! Lucky girl x

  8. I die for these! WOW!!

    I love that they are also labelled... it helps ;-)

    Much love, Bailey from Vanilla Blonde

  9. You are so lucky *_*


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