Thursday, 12 May 2011

On my bucket list... by Jeannie

Today, Cape Town copywriter and new blogger, Jeannie  - from Heartstop - will be sharing a few things from her bucket list - Enjoy...
1. Marry the person who’s made me happy for the last 4.5 years on 17 December. Planning my wedding has been a completely dreamy experience. My hope for the day is that I can just let go and relish each moment, because moments are precious and fleeting, like shooting stars.

2. Have a library in my house. My love affair with books began early. I adore bookstores, second-hand bookstores, pretty much any written material I can get my hands on. I’d like a library with a ladder that swings from side to side à la Beauty and the Beast.

3. Have a place for my boots - One of my grievances in life is not having the space to hang all tops and display all boots. I think Carrie has set the bar for women the world over.

4. Visit the Taj Mahal - The only real architectural symbol of eternal ©, built by a tenacious man for the love of his life. I am so taken by this story, it makes me believe in romance and forever, and we all need a little romance. I need to see India at least once in this lifetime, to catch a glimpse of the tigers, walk the markets and tap into the pulse of this colourful place.

5. Have at least 1 child - And teach them kindness. And teach them to love books as much as I do.

6. Look at bubbles with different eyes - I want to be able to look at something like I’m looking at it for the first time.

7. Master Yoga - Just once I’d like to do a headstand for longer than a few seconds. Without images of serious injury going through my mind.

8. Watch old movies - This is a secret pleasure of mine. Best enjoyed with buttery, salty popcorn.

9. Wear a Brazilian bikini - I’m going to Thailand at the end of the year (YAY!) and my aim is shake what my mama gave me in a Brazilian bikini. I’m usually self-conscious, but not this time.

10. Put energy into Heartstop - I love blogging, I hope that my blog brings happiness to people. I wanted to create a site that you enjoy reading whilst drinking your morning coffee. My rule: no negativity, only loveliness.

Note: "On my bucket list..." is a weekly series. Each week a lovely blogger will share a few things from their bucket list. to read other bucket lists, go HERE


  1. So cute- love this bucket list. And the photo montage.

  2. This is one of my favorite lists in this series. & I agree on the boot displaying!

  3. So lovely!

  4. Really cool!

  5. LOVE the collage. Think I'll be making one soon.

  6. Thank you for the kind words :) It was great fun composing my Bucket List. Make your own, it's very eye-opening. Lots of love.


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