10 things I learnt recently

1. Shopping for groceries when you are hungry is not the best idea
2. Accidentally biting into a whole ball of wasabi is very unpleasant
3. My hair only seems to want to rock one style in winter -fluffy
4. Some people still enjoy using the "poke" feature on facebook *chuckles*
5. Fresh-cut flowers are always more awesome when you didn't buy them for yourself.
6. Leonardo DiCaprio is apparently dating Blake Lively (read about it here)
7. Never underestimate the importance of a good, supportive bed 
8. "Archer" is a seriously silly, but very funny, animated TV show
9. A packet of Oreo cookies never lasts very long around me 
10. Its often not what you say, but how you say it that makes all the difference.

What have you learnt recently?

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  1. The whole poking thing freaks me out, especially when its someone i dont know! Lol and i def agree with not shopping when hungry. It could lead to bad things! :P

  2. Lovely list as usual and I am now craving Oreos~

  3. ok, another person who likes archer.

    i think i'll try it this summer on netflix.

  4. yes to #3. i will learn to accept my fluffy hair this winter or just wear a hat!

  5. Number 4 *smirk*
    Number 6 - seriously?:O I'm glad :D xD

    My blog♥mfashionfreak

  6. I cannot do the whole "poke" thing on facebook. It annoys me beyond belief!!

    Wow... had a little jealousy pang there with Leo and Blake... what the ?? Haha!

    Love the list!
    Much love, Bailey from Vanilla Blonde

  7. Such a gorgeous pictures of followers! And I agree - oreos never last long. Especially when their double stuffed. :D

  8. I am still trying to embrace the misbehaved hair... with Joburg being so dry in winter, my hair just gets frizzier! Time to experiment with casually thrown together messy up 'dos!


  9. I always eat before I go grocery shopping so I know I will only buy the essentials. Going hungry could be extremely dangerous...

    I have learned that I am very shocking during winter. I seem to send static electricity sparks flying between myself, inanimate objects and the living constantly. Shame, my poor cat. I couldn't stroke her last night without hearing... tick, tick, tick. Haha


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