10 things I learnt this weekend

1. Playing certain kinds of computer games stresses me out way too much
2. The Gargoyle by Andrew Davidson is turning out to be a weird, but very cool book
3. Healthier chocolate brownies can be very yummy (see the recipe I tried out here )
4. I really need a new phone - my current one seem to have gremlins
5. If you mix Amaretto almond liquer and coke together it tastes just like Dr. Pepper
6. Someone thinks I look just like a teenage girl they knew in the 1970's (long story)
7. I really dislike meals that contain more than one animal meat at a time
8. The Game of Thrones TV series is getting more and more interesting
9.  South Africa has a great new online beauty shop - go here to have a look
10. I truly believe this to be true :"Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity."-Seneca
What did you learn this weekend?

*image from tumblr.com


  1. Fantastic list as always :)

    I am very interested in trying out that Brownies recipe!

    This weekend I learnt that I am going to Cape Town in October for my sister-in-law's weeding. Fun!


  2. Great list! I too do not mix meats :)

  3. Ooh! New online beauty store!

  4. Yummy brownies? I had some yummy brownies recently. They made me laugh A LOT! Esp when a friend started screaming, "The lights are chasing me." Will you be sharing a recipe for THOSE yummy brownies?

    Learnt this week?
    1) My foot is healed!
    2) That cat pee sticks.
    3) That my friends will say things like, "I have a memory like a hawk."

  5. Yes! to the Brownies Recipe
    Yes! to the online store
    Yes! to Dr Pepper the alcoholic version.

  6. love your list friend :)

    want the brownie recipe.
    making the fun dr pepper tonight!

  7. love Game of Thrones!
    my new favourite show!

  8. Oops... catching up on your blog! I feel better now being up to date!
    Love the list and the recipe ;-)

    Much love, Bailey from Vanilla Blonde

  9. Please explain number 6 in more detail! xx

  10. I love game of thrones, its our new fave tv series although its a bit graphic and then i have to hide behind a pillow! :P


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