10 things I learnt this weekend

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1. Getting away from the city for a weekend is nearly always a good idea 
2. Having no cellphone signal is sometimes a blessing
3. Unexpected,  summery days in the middle of winter can be so uplifting
4. If you make the right "clucking" sound, chickens will follow you
5. I'm quite addicted to coconut chocolates right now, especially loving these
6. The more often you go away the less you feel the need to over pack 
7. The Burgundy restaurant in Hermanus has great seafood
8. Overweight dassie's (aka earless rock rabbits) are hilarious 
9. My new, Skechers pumps are awesome (I posted a pic of them here)
10. This is so very true: If you wait to do everything until you're sure it's right, you'll probably never do much of anything.” -  Win Borden
What have you learnt recently?


  1. I really like this post! I can't think of anything profound that I have learned recently other than the following:
    1.Don't try to get around NYC after too much prosecco--it becomes very confusing
    2. There is nothing better than hanging out with old friends

  2. 10 things I learnt this weekend

    1) I really, really want to be rich.
    2) I really, really want to own a wine farm in Franschoek.
    3) I really, really want to own a small villa in Cinque Terre.
    4) There's a turtle Sanctuary in KZN.
    Erm ... guess I didn't quite learn 10 things this week. Maybe next week?

  3. These posts always make me reflect, it is nice to think of all the lessons each day brings.

    How are things going at the new job?


  4. Summer weather in Winter always confuses me. I end up standing in front of the closet for yonks.

  5. I so agree on your second point. A break away from your phone is a blessing every once in a while.

  6. I love #6. Definitely true. You learn to simplify when have to pack all the dang time!

  7. Oh yes, learning how to pack is priceless.

    For me - Lego is still the best toy ever - even for me.

  8. Wanting to go on holiday so badly right now! & that quote is so very true.

  9. Cute list -- I am glad you had a break before you started your new job.

    How is it going??


  10. Lol at overweight dassies! We used to feed them nik naks back in the day, hope we didnt create a problem :P hehe


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