Monday, 29 August 2011

A music mix

Here's a little mix of random songs I've been enjoying lately ( note: I'm hoping to start sharing mixes you can download soon, but right now songs are just linked to music videos)...

1. Bitter heart - Zee Avi
2. I would do anything for you - Foster The People
3. Rewind - Diane Birch
4. Fresh feeling - The Eels
5. Seraphine - Farryl Purkiss
6. What the water gave me - Florence and The Machine
7. First day of my life - Bright Eyes
8. You're the Storm - The Cardigans
9. Don't stop the music - Jamie Cullum
10. The general specific - Band of Horses
11. Shine on - The Kooks

 Have a good Monday :)

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  1. sounds good ;)

    have a lovely week!!

  2. love this pic :)

    hugs to you sweetie


  3. Just adore your taste in music!
    Obsessed with Foster the People...they're HOT!
    Happy Monday BB
    Much love, Bailey from Vanilla Blonde

  4. I LOOOOOVE Fresh feeling by The Eels. A boy once put the song on a mix "tape" for me.

    Will check out the other songs in a bit.

  5. Great mix to start the week off on a good note

  6. What a great birthday present to me! Thanks for the tunes!


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