Tuesday, 30 August 2011

On my bucket list... by Tarryn

Today the lovely, Cape Town based blogger Tarryn (from Glitter & Garbage ) will be sharing a few things from her bucket list - Enjoy...
1.  Star in a film -  When I was a kid, if you asked me what I’d be doing at 23 I’d probably have answered something like ‘getting ready to accept my Oscar’. But now that I have a more realistic view on life I’d settle for a local film, so long as it actually came on circuit not straight to DVD.

2. Own a pair of shoes that costs more than the average person’s rent -  Preferably Louboutins. Of course, shoes like these belong in the walk-in closet I also plan to have.

3. Find and marry an Irishman - It’s the accent...

4. Travel on the Orient Express (the re-made one, unfortunately the original stopped running in 2009) -  Try not to get roped into solving any murders along the way.

5. Conceptualize, art direct and style an editorial for a big fashion magazine - like Marie Claire or Elle.

6. Learn to surf -  I’ve never been great at sport but I’ve always had unusually good balance; maybe surfing’s my hidden talent? Must get over fear of sharks and cold water first.

7. "Rough it" at a massive music festival like Glastonbury -  Wear gumboots. Fall down in the mud.

8. Master cake baking - I don’t even like cake that much but it really frustrates me that I can’t bake a decent one. They always seem to sink in the middle or not rise properly.

9. Learn to sew -  Because I love clothes and because I have a beautiful, barely-touched state of the art sewing machine. This is a sin.

10. Find some sort of focus -  It’s not that I don’t know what to do with my life, it’s that I want to do too many different things. Both my mom and my grandfather (her dad) spent their lives career hopping. Maybe it’s in my blood.

Note: "On my bucket list..." is my current guest blogger series. Most weeks a lovely blogger will share things from their bucket list. to read other bucket lists, go HERE


  1. that's an interesting wishlist :)


  2. Love it...Learn to surf was on mine too and now I'm 6 lessons in...it's amazing the probably the BEST workout ever.. I love it! xoxo from Trinidad

  3. i love this!

    if you're not already follow me, i mean you could if you want to and i'll follow you back.

    my blog♥mfashionfreak

  4. I've started baking. It'll be a while before I master the art.


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