Thursday, 6 October 2011

On my bucket list... by Kathryn

Today the fabulous, Cape Town blogger Kathryn (from Becoming you ) will be sharing a few things from her bucket list - Enjoy...
I have always loved making lists - lists about everything... what to pack, where to go, things to organise, tasks to complete etc but when it came to finally making a BUCKET LIST for Being Brazen I took a while to decide what was most important to feature publicly for all to read (and ultimately follow up on!!)

Anyway here is my bucket list - I tried to keep it short but that was pretty impossible - I have alot I want to cram into the 60+ years I hope to have left!

1. Raise my children to know what true success is - and for them to be healthy, happy, safe, well-rounded individuals who know their maker!
2. Celebrate my diamond wedding anniversary
3. Own a children's book shop - like the one in "You've Got Mail"
4. Own a fabulous house with a great entertaining area and a view of the sea!
5. Travel overland through Africa with my family - I'm missing a bit of adventure during this stage of life!
6. Read all the books on my bookshelf - I have a bad book habit in that I love books esp on sales so I will buy them and don't read them. BAD. I esp want to read all the classics,  but due to my internet and magazine addiction this may never happen...
7. Have a successful business of my own - hopefully my blog will be this one day?? :)
8. Get a degree in English, write a book and have it published... might aim for a kiddies book first ;)
9. Have a wardrobe overhaul and shopping spree with a personal stylist - I am pretty hopeless with fashion so this would be so much fun & so necessary!
10. Learn how to use the manual settings on my SLR camera - I think after 5 years this is a bit overdue.
11. Work for a women's magazine - my dream since age 14 - I realise that it is probably less glamorous than is perceived with a fair amount of stress but because it has been such a long held dream I really want to discover myself!
12. Travel to a new destination every year for a month of exploring. It would take up WAY to much space to list everywhere I still need to see but I have yet to visit Asia, Australasia or the Americas so there are LOTS of possible destinations. 

Note: "On my bucket list..." is my current guest blogger series. Most weeks a lovely blogger will share things from their bucket list. to read other bucket lists, go HERE


  1. thanks for having me Brazen - it was such fun!

  2. love!

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  3. OMW - Kathryn, we could be twins! I think I share at least 10 of your goals.

    Being Brazen - check out my blog. The latest post is a bit late, but better late than never. ;p

  4. Melanie here! I enjoyed this piece, please email me--I have a question about your blog. MelanieLBowen[at]gmail[dot]com


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