Tuesday, 10 January 2012

A fabulous, bold home

I stumbled across this fabulous home via Desire to Inspire and I just love it. The unique and colourful decor is quirky, yet still classy. To see all the photos and read more about this London home, trot over HERE

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  1. Those are gorgeous. I'm looking into buying a townhouse, and so I'm addicted to decoration inspiration right now!

  2. I like em all. Quirky. Bold. Fun. Definitely the type of house I'd OWN. If you know, I actually had money. Why can't banks just operate on hugs???

  3. Wow, beautiful home - can't believe it's in London - I thought it was by the seaside in the Cape somewhere as the light inside is fantastic! I'm in London for the next two days so may have to track the house down :-)

  4. oh my - I LOVE this place!!!
    wow - good inspiration fro sure!



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