Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Celeb style: little lace dress

Both of these pretty celebs rocked little lace dresses this month:

Left: Mila Kunis in a blush pink Dior lace dress
Right: Emily Van Camp in a Diane von Furstenberg lace dress.

What do you think of their choices? Are you a fan of lace dresses?

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  1. I love Mila. So gorgeous. But not a fan of the dresses. Also that Emily chick is standing funny. She looks uncomfortable in front of the camera.

  2. Oh yes! Bought a stunning New Vintage one at Big Blue and always get a compliment when wearing it

  3. Some lace dresses work, some don't. Not loving these two dresses too much though.

  4. I don't have a definite fave here. But I am loving lace dresses of late!

  5. yes, def.! i love lace dresses. i have a black one :)
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  6. Oh I want the Furstenburg lace dress!

  7. They both look very pretty.. Mila is just stunning.. and I love the yellow shoe.

  8. Both lace dresses are very pretty but I don't think either of the colours do anything for the ladies. They're both gorgeous women but I think their choice of dress colours makes them look washed out. However, I do think lace dresses in general rock! :)

  9. Love lace dresses there is a red lace dress Ive been eyeing for sometime I might just go out and buy now.

  10. I love them but I don't yet own one. I want a cream one but haven't found one I love yet.


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