Black & white home

I am loving the simple, black and white decor in this Swedish home. At the moment I would really like to re-decorate my apartment in a similar way (though I think I'd be a bit nervous to have all white couches and rugs).

To see more images of this home, trot over here


  1. soo very pretty - i have a cream couch and its ok :) i put the covers in the wash :)

    my colours are white, black, silver and grey - all together they make me happy !!!

  2. This home is my happy place. I have a fondness for white decor, and my wardrobe is just about all-black, so this is my perfect home! Thanks for the inspiration!

  3. I featured that dining room recently! It is a great home, love all the interesting lights x

  4. LOVE this! I have a real soft spot for black and white interior design :) xx


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