Thursday, 3 May 2012

Street style inspiration: leopard print scarves

 Above photos found via Tumblr

Above photo from Fashionfillers

For some reason I've always had a bit of an irrational aversion to animal print, but lately I've been seeing it everywhere and it's been making me warm up to the idea of having a little leopard print in my life.

A few days ago I spotted (no pun intended. he he) THIS  pretty scarf  and decided to buy it. I  think the scarf will be a very versatile addition to my winter wardrobe and will add just the right amount of animal print to a plain outfit.

Do you own anything with leopard print on it?

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  1. I dont have any leopard print piece in my closet but it is because i am extremely conservative about it :) Somehow i cant change it, probably because there are lots of cheap version of this print.

  2. I feel the exact same way as you. too much animal print makes my eyes hurt. but nothing seems more fab than a touch of leopard print.
    have also given in and bought a snood in leopard print. am loving it!

  3. I'm very similar to you - usually stay away from bold, animal prints! Leopard print seems to be everywhere, though - I think I'm going to introduce it into my wardrobe with a pair of leopard print pumps or heels. Loved this post, and your scarf is gorgeous x

  4. I could freaking die for those scarves! I loooove me some subtle leopard print

  5. Bring on the tack - love animal print!

  6. ah gorgeous new scarf, Brazen. Woolies, perhaps?
    I love black & white leopard print. still on-trend, but with a more versatile and practical colour palette.

  7. Love leopard print goodies, especially a leopard print scarf! Very nice post (and blog!) :)

  8. Love these leopard print scarfs!!!! I'm totally obsessed with mine

  9. I own a pair of cute leopard printed ballet pumps, hubby bought them for me when I was heavily pregnant with swollen feet... they are a little loose now... but I still love them. I wear them with inner soles.


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