10 things I've learnt recently

1. The NAP living store, in the Cape Quarter shopping centre, sells so many pretty and awesome things (I took the above photo inside the store).
2.  According to physicists, it's unlikely that 'Star Trek'-stye teleportation will ever be possible  - read the whole article HERE (I will continue live in hope).
3. Google Plus confuses me - trying to figure out what exactly the point of it is. 
4. 'Bat Cat' lives in my apartment block - HERE is the proof (I know, I was expecting him to be wearing a cape too.  I must have caught him off duty )   
5. One little, unexpected conversation can have a big impact on so much.
6. Apparently every new Instagram user should read THESE 11 tips.
7. I can fit into jeans I bought 6 years ago (ok- it is possible that the jeans are kinda stretched out, but I like to think it's cause I've slimmed down a tiny bit )
8. My fluffy headphones double as ear warmers (I posted a pic of them HERE )
9. I have become ridiculously dependent on my smartphone.
10. There are just so many people doing what they think they should do, instead of what they want to do. I desperately don't want to be one of those people anymore.

What have you learnt recently?


  1. I love NAP too!!!! They have the most amazing glass mugs - bought six and love them!

  2. Totally agree with you on #10. There are too many rules in society telling us what we should do, that we settle and never find true happiness in doing what we love. Thanks for the reminder. :-)

  3. I so hear you re Google Plus. What is it about/for?!

  4. That there is a Peruvian restaurant in Cape Town, that has delicious homemade lemonade. Oh and the owner of the restaurant is so sexy.

  5. Bat cat is awesome! :P I love NAP they sell some of our jewellery hehe :)x

  6. That cat is beyond gorgeous, wow!!!

  7. That cat is beyond gorgeous!!!

  8. Ah, the NAP store looks AMAZING!! Maybe I can suggest they come to Cirencester too? The locals would adore it!

    Spill the beans about this chance conversation and how it has changed things...!

    Oh - and when you figure out how to do the last point can you let me know, as I am a big victim of this myself! ;)

  9. having random conversations really ROCK :)

  10. i'm so with you on google plus! no idea what i'm doing on there or why!? but figured that it is google and they tend to end up taking over the world so thought i'd better start learning!
    love the photo of the shop and yey on fitting into jeans from 6 years ago -- always a good thing :) xx

  11. On #10
    Oh so very true... I keep writing the phrase ' Why on earth do you want to be like everyone else?'
    I keep making little random art pieces with those exact words.

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