Street style inspiration

Images from: Tumblr & Street Style Aesthetic

At the moment I am really loving the idea of wearing some sparkle in the daytime. Usually I only break out the bling in the evening, but recently  I have spotted some great casual outfits that have been made way more eye-catching by adding just one sparkly item.

I'm also currently smitten with feminine, pastel lace dresses . I would love to have one or two for this summer ( I really love the pale blue dress pictured above).

Are you a fan of either of these looks?  


  1. wow! great outfits - I love each look!

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  2. I do love a bit of sparkle in the day! x

  3. I love a little sparkle during the day. It lifts me up -- makes life a little brighter for me and adds cheer to the atmosphere.

  4. i like the sparkle!!! very much! so fun and so pretty!

    and thank you for the birthday wishes! :)

  5. I would love to try some sparkle during the day

  6. I love sparkle, lace, pastels, all things girly!
    As for your question on toning upper thighs and butt: in general any exercise will tone the muscles - but the best is squats and lunges. That works the legs, thighs and butt, as well as burns calories - which is what is needed to burn away the fat on top of the muscle so that you can see the tone you're working so hard to develope. Hope that helps. :)


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