10 things I learnt recently

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1. The colour red makes me really happy at the moment.
2. I like rice milk. I think it's better tasting than soy milk and almost as nice as cow's milk.
3. Blake Lively is married and has a huge, stunning engagement ring - HERE'S a pic of it.
4. If you love stationary, and I do, you will lose your mind in a Typo store (the Australian brand now has stores in Cavendish and Canal Walk in Cape Town)
5. The South African banknotes will soon look like THIS  (what do you think?)
6. Life will not always go according to plan and sometimes it's better that it doesn't.
7. Wellness Warehouse's gluten-free brownie mix is always great. The brownies are a yummy option if you trying to eat less wheat - HERE is what my last batch looked like.
8. THIS dog cartoon is really funny ( a must read for dog lovers)
9.  Hell on Wheels is a really awesome, Western TV series.
10. This quote is so very true: "Expectation is the root of all heartache." - Shakespeare

What have you learnt recenty? 


  1. 1. I really love your "10 things" posts.
    2. That not all trees with purple flowers in Pretoria, are Jacarandas.
    3. I'm really nervous about spending a night in a backpackers in Soweto.

  2. The new banknotes are a huge waste of money, thats all this is to line someone's pockets, as usual. Also, the animals used are african and awesome and no need to change them, it was a neutral concept. Really irritated with the new notes, all Nelson Mandela did was say he forgave the whites when he came out of prison, what else was he going to say, it was a good PR move, while he was president and out of the country he used to run us down, check his speeches. And lots of great people fought against apartheid, not just him....and the Nelson Mandela Childrens Fund has been a big corrupt organisation to line the mandela family's pockets.
    Shoulda just stuck to the animals.

  3. I recently discovered Typo too - I just know I'm going to spend endless amounts of money at that store.
    And the most amazing gluten-free brownies are sold by la Petite Moo Brownies at the City Bowl Market on Hope street - http://www.lapetitemoobrownies.co.za

  4. Rice milk tastes so much nicer than soy milk. But I prefer soy milk in coffee, rice milk is too watery.

  5. I love sweet potato chocolate cake :) mmmm its yummy... you should have some :)


  6. Love the quote from Shakespeare - it's so true. It seems over time the lesson that life keeps teaching me is to do away with great expectations as they often lead to disappointment. (Mostly when other people are involved anyway - far better to rely on yourself only!)

  7. We learn something new every day!!
    1. Also just learnt about Typo (but so sad that it's not in Durban yet!)
    2. That frozen butternut doesn't pop out the ice tray like ice does!
    3. Not eating carbs and sugar really helps losing weight 9I was trying my best not to believe this)
    4. Time flies


  8. You are just awesome and I love this list. Love the quote. Too true indeed.

  9. Well now, I gotta try rice milk! Thanks!

  10. The new banknotes are shite, the old animal prints were neutral and truly african without putting race into it. A complete waste of money.


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