Monday, 10 September 2012

New in: Beauty

Pretty Please is a New York-based brand that creates customized nail polish. All you have to do is select a shade and then you can get it personalised with whatever name you like.

Not too long ago I got sent two bottles of the nail polish to try out and I liked them a lot. The colours I chose were great in "real life" (though slightly different from colour shown online) and I really love the bottle shape. As you can see (above) I named both my nail polish colours 'Being Brazen'. 

I think these personalised nail polishes are a clever idea and are ideal to give as gifts at functions, events or on a special occasion.  Usually you have to place an order for a minimum of 6 bottles, but for September you can order just one bottle at a time.  Check out the colours and read more about the brand HERE

Recently I was lucky enough to get sent the new his and hers Studio.w  EDT fragrances from Woolworths.

The look: I instantly loved the simple, grey and white packaging.

The smell: Everyone I sprayed the HIM fragrance on, myself included, really liked it. It's very clean smelling and almost has a unisex vibe about it. The HER fragrance is quite musky, but pretty. I liked the smell (even though I generally prefer floral scents) and so did my mother, but some people who smelt it found it a bit "heavy".

You can buy both fragrances in Woolworths or online HERE

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  1. The nail polish idea is so cute, are you able to customise the look of the label etc or just the name?

  2. The personalised nail polishes are such a cool idea. Perfect Christmas stocking filler gifts! Love the pink colour you chose.

  3. The nail polish is really cute! :)

  4. Wow! Those are so cool! I'm definitely going to check out the varnish!!


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