Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Weekend snaps

This past weekend was three days long (thanks to Heritage Day being on Monday) and turned out to be very lovely indeed. I slept late, shopped a bit, ate too much decadent food, went to two braai's (aka barbeque's), drove around a silly amount and enjoyed the rather cold spring weather.

Honestly, after such a chilled out weekend, I am totally struggling (well, more than usual) to get my brain to go into 'productive mode' today. So, I thought I'd just share three photos that I took over the weekend....

 View of St James beach and False Bay - so very pretty (love the clouds)

A random little fishing boat at Fish Hoek beach

 An almost empty parking lot, Fish Hoek beach 
(I have no idea who's blue Land Rover that is, but I really like it)

How was your weekend?

Note: All photos taken by me with a little help from Instagram

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  1. I ran a marathon over the weekend, had supper at Carlyle's and Five Flies.

  2. Love the pics! Glad you had an awesome long weekend and braai day :)

  3. Stunning pics. Awesome way to spend a weekend!
    we were actually doing a similar thing over the long weekend... we took the train along the coast to Kalk bay where we stopped for some tasty fish and chips (and crispy wine)


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