My top 5: romantic films (right now)

This was definitely my hardest 'top 5' list so far. I mean, how could I choose just 5 romantic films when I love about 100? Well, somehow I managed to (though it took a while). Also, you may be surprised to see that I ended up leaving out classics like: Pretty Women, Casablanca, Titanic, When Harry Met Sally and Love Actually. Not to say that I don't love all those films, but for this list I decided to rather go with films that I was more inclined to watch right now.

1.  The Holiday -  Two women swap homes for a holiday and both end up finding love. Such a very sweet film and the cast is perfect (if you have not seen it, go watch it)
2. Romeo + Juliet (directed by Baz Luhrmann) - There have been quite a few film adaptations of Shakespeare's book over the years, but this is by far my favourite. Plus, it has a really great soundtrack.
3. The Notebook - It's damn near impossible to watch this film without getting teary-eyed. It's ridiculously romantic and beautiful.
4. Before Sunset - This is the sequel to the film 'Before Sunrise', which is also brilliant. I love the dialogue in both films. If you have not seen this film yet,  I would recommend that you watch the first one before this one.
5. Serendipity - A really great romantic-comedy that tells the story of two people who meet by chance in New York one night and fate brings them back together years later.

What are your top 5 romantic films? 


  1. I adore The Holiday I watch it way too often and I love Romeo & Juliet
    : ]

  2. I love your choices - although I haven't seen Before Sunset and I dont think I finished Serendipity.
    My Top 5 would be: The Notebook, Love Actually, Under the Tuscan Sun, The Holiday and He's Just Not That Into You!

    Much love, Bailey from Vanilla Blonde

  3. Great! I'd add:
    Once+ Love Actually + 4 Weddings and a Funeral + Reality Bites + Singles.

  4. I love all those movies are great. I would have P.S. I love you on my list and Benny & Joon as well.


  5. I love all your choices but have not watched Serendipity but my pal is cray cray bout it so... I am currently feeling PS I love you, as well.

  6. I have never watched: Romeo + Juliet, Before Sunset or Serendipity. One of my favourite love stories is "500 days of summer".

  7. GREAT choices. Love them all esp The Notebook and Before Sunrise. Did you know that there is a 3rd "Before" movie coming out called "Before Midnight" CAN'T WAIT ;)

  8. I love those films,very good chose :)

  9. I love serendipity! Such a great movie!

  10. Oh well, it's a pity I haven't seen them all. I only read The Notebook's novel, but haven't got the chance to watch the movie. Well, now you're recommend these all, maybe I should take a time to watch your recomendation <33

    i mind the ocean's mind

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