Off to the countryside...

After Paris, it was back to UK and off to the countryside.

This is the park in the town of Cirencester (where my friend lives)

I really do like the English countryside. It's full of lovely old buildings, wide open spaces and quaint towns with cobbled streets. As my friend, Antonia, lives in the countryside. I got to spend a fair amount of time getting to see some of it.

A grand old building in Oxford.

On one day we went to see the very pretty, University town of Oxford (if you have never been, I can highly recommend it). The buildings are very cool, there are a lot of lovely stores and I liked that so many people seemed to ride bicycles around the town.

Bibury is very pretty.

Not too far from Oxford is the very small and picturesque town of Bibury (apparently quite a few period dramas have been filmed here). Obviously, we had to stop there to get some pictures.

 Not a bad view at all

I was very lucky to get to experience some warm, spring days while I was in England. On one of those sunny days, Antonia and I decided to go and have tea at Cowley Manor
(which a posh hotel and spa located in the Cotswolds)

very fancy looking

Cowley Manor is absolutely stunning and had a 'Downton Abbey-ish' look from the outside, but was rather modern inside. 

Our tea time was delish and included very large fruit & plain scones, clotted cream (it looks like butter, but its just really crazy cream), jam and teas.

After tea we took a walk around the sprawling manor grounds (Here is a pic of how enthusiastic I was about that) and daydreamed about owning our own country manor. 

The Cowley Manor gardens
I really enjoyed my time in the countryside and hope to find myself trotting around it again soon.

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  1. GORGEOUS! So jealous of your traveling, hope you're having a great time!

  2. Lovely pics! :) Enjoy the trip .

    Best wishes,
    Radka from

  3. Aaah the English countryside looks lovely. Can't wait to read about your US part of the trip. Xoxo


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