New York, New York....

One of the best places I visited during my April/May/June trip this year was New York. While I had very briefly passed through New York city twice before, I had never had time to actually get to experience it.

I had great expectations about hanging out in Manhattan for a week and I am glad to say I was not disappointed. I could literally write a 10-page essay on how much NYC stole my heart, but I will keep this post pretty simple and share some of my favourite photos from the time I spent there -

We've all seen Times Square in countless films, but actually walking around there is quite an experience. There are all kinds of street performers, so many bright lights and, to sum it up, it really does make your brain want to explode a little (not to mention that It is literally swarming with people at almost anytime of the day or night).  


Me and my friend, Orsoyla, stayed at The Manhattan at Times Square hotel for our whole stay. It was a pretty basic, mid-range hotel (no restaurant/bar on site) - but the rooms were big, the beds were comfy and the location was absolutely perfect for people who want to sight see. We were super close to Times Square, MoMa and The Rockefeller Center.


While there were so many things I did not get to do/see/eat in the 5 nights I was there, I still managed to tick a few things off my NYC 'must do' list.  

 Here's a few of the cool things I did in NYC: 
* Took an open top bus tour (I highly recommend this, if it's your first time in NYC)
* Went to see the view from the 'Top of The Rock' (top pic, above)
* Ate a few giant pretzels (they sell them everywhere)
* Wandered around Central Park and got a little lost
* Walked down 5th Avenue and bought something from Tiffany & Co
* Learnt how to use the subway
* Caught a yellow cab
* Visited the Chelsea Market
* Got a ride on a rickshaw 
* Found Carrie's apartment from Sex and The City.
* Ate a delicious burger from the Shake Shack (go there, if you can)
* Got to share all these experiences with my wonderful friend, Orsoyla (left, below)


I absolutely loved NYC and I really cannot wait to go back and see everything I didn't get to this time.

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  1. Wow this is the dream hey, one day.

  2. Would love to go there! :) xx

  3. Awesome photos. I'm not a huge fan of New York, but you're right 5 days is nowhere NEAR enough to see everything.

  4. it looks so cool - Im super jealous and think I really missed out! we shall have to go sometime together :)


  5. Wow - one of my dream destinations. I follow you on IG and love all your photo's. You are super talented :) xx

  6. Your photo's are amazing! I cannot wait to do my NYC trip! It will be a dream come true <3

  7. Ah NYC, such a wonderful city! I loved visiting there!

  8. Your pictures are stunning! Looks amazing

    x Natalie


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