Majeka House

This past weekend, I was lucky enough to be invited to go and stay over at Majeka House, a 5-star guesthouse in Stellenbosch.

From the moment I arrived I was really impressed with the service, friendly staff and attention to detail.


 I got to stay in one of the 'Premier' rooms, which had everything I could possibly need - like a coffee maker, DSTV, a well stocked mini bar, a super comfy bed, free wifi and fluffy robes - Plus,  the room had such lovely decor (I especially loved the ceiling art and the sliding window between the bedroom & bathroom)


While at Majeka House, I got to try the Makaron Restaurant twice (it's located inside the guesthouse) and it was truly amazing. The food is absolutely delicious and the service exceeded my expectations. 

My favourite eating experience at the restaurant was breakfast. Though the 4 course dinner was fabulous (seriously, you must go and try it if you can), I loved just how many options were set out for me for breakfast. 

The main table was literally covered in a range of  "fancy" foods, from homemade yogurts to cold meats, and you could also order a hot breakfast of your choice (I went for the eggs Benedict with bacon - it was delish).


One of the coolest spaces at Majeka House has to be the M Bar. The eccentric decor and big, welcoming fireplace make it the perfect spot to chill for pre-dinner drinks or after dinner coffee.

Before I left Majeka House, I went to try out their crystal Himalayan salt bed at the Majeka Spa.

For this 'treatment', the bed is filled with Himalayan salt crystals (considered by many to be the most mineral rich salts on the planet ) and then a sheet is put over the salt before you lie on it. The salt is also heated up and changing colour lights line the bed. The combination of salt therapy, which is said to be detoxifying, and and light therapy had a very calming effect on me  I really enjoyed the whole experience.

I really enjoyed my time at this lovely guesthouse and would definitely go back again. Its a great place to go for a mini break or a romantic weekend away :)

For more information on this guesthouse or to make a booking, visit their website

Majeka House, Houtkapper Street, Paradyskloof, Stellenbosch, Western Cape / Tel: +27 21 8801549/8801512

* All photos taken by me*


  1. WOW WOW WOW!!!
    Lucky lady!

  2. I really love the decor of this place. One question tho, why does it look like your photos have the Definition tool turned way up on them? :)

  3. This looks amazing!! Stunning place and stunning pics

  4. wow, looks lovely.
    impecable design!

  5. Looks like your had an incredible time. This place is beautiful!!!

    Love from JHB

    Arum Lilea

  6. Wow, what a treat! It looks amazing :)


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