Marc by Marc Jacobs gift guide

I have always been a huge fan of Marc by Marc Jacobs, and have more than a few items from the brand on my 'Lust-have' list, So today I decided I'd share a little gift guide of cool items that you may want to add on your list to Santa .

 I would not mind finding any of these under the Christmas tree this year....

 1. Metallic flap Percy bag 2. Bulldog zip pouch  3. Cat iPad case 4. phone wristlet 
5. Katie the Bunny Dinky watch 6. PVC tote 7. Bulldog iPhone 5 case 8. Mouse ballet flats

Now thanks to the MasterCard & their 2013 holiday promo, local MasterCard cardholders can shop online at cool department stores (like Bloomingdales, where ALL the above Marc Jacobs items are currently available), enjoy exclusive offers and get free or discounted shipping to South Africa until the 31 December.

PS - Oh and don't forget at checkout, just enter the MCSHOP code and your shipping costs will be removed. Register at MasterCard's Priceless Africa to stay up to date with special offers.

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