Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Oh, hello there...yes, I'm still around...

frangipani photo by me

A few people have asked me recently why my blog has been so quiet, so I thought I should actually  stop being so aloof and do a post just to let you all know that I am taking a mini blogging break (don't get too worried though, I always come back).

Life right now has been a bit crazy.... Here's some of what happened in January & February: I moved into a new apartment by myself (moving is a mission - but loving it, except for the fact I don't have wifi yet), got very obsessed with home decor shopping (more on that soon), started to work a lot harder on my new career path, had a friend down from LA (and I tried to be a tour guide when I could) and had a few very big "A-Ha" moments (as Oprah liked to call them) about love & relationships....... anyway, all in all it's been a very busy time for me and my blog has been terribly neglected.

I plan to get back to writing a lot more on my blog soon and possibly taking a slightly different direction with my blog posts.

Hope you have all been well. Chat soon x

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  1. Nice to hear from you again! LOVE that photo, wow!!! Hope the aha moments pay off in dividends, looking forward to having you back!

  2. Good to know you have not left us!

  3. Cant wait for you to post more (you need to put some pics up of your apartment!) :) xx

  4. Hopefully you will be back to blogging soon :)

  5. Nice to have you back! Life can get crazy busy, so it is understandable.

  6. Aw I cant wait for you to get back to your regular posts! You have an awesome way of blogging - it's unique and captivating and I always return, hoping you have :)
    Enjoy the break...but please come back soon!

  7. Sounds like exciting new posts are coming, glad to hear that 2014 is turning out to be so good :)

  8. Well I hope you share a few of your AHA moments with us. I love reading stuff like that.


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