Home sweet home

Pics by me.

Six months ago I bought myself my first property (yup, I went full adult). A 2 bedroom/1 bathroom little apartment in a seaside town, which I plan to rent out one day ( when i upgrade to something with a garden and a dog).

It needed a lot of renovating. There were horrible carpets, dirty walls and very little appeal. Thankfully I found parquet, wood under most of the carpets (which I had sanded and sealed) and painted every wall a neutral shade.

If someone had to ask me what my best renovating tip is, i'd say:  take your time and do things properly, rather than buying temporary things until you can afford what you really want.

There is still a lot to do in some rooms, but I wanted to share some photos of how my apartment is looking at the moment.

Have any renovating tips?


  1. Looks great, where's the couch from? I have a holiday apartment in Langebaan which I'm planning on renovating as well so I'm looking for a couch that's long lasting and durable.

    1. It's from Coricraft. It's great and i'm finding it's wearing well.

  2. Really pretty! You've done a great job. I love your lighting. Parquet flooring is always a bonus.

  3. gorgeous interior!
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    Thanks! x


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