Monday, 11 July 2016

Hi, English countryside ....

Before leaving England for the United States, I got to spend a few days in the English countryside with one of my good friends, Toni.

As always, the countryside was rather laid back and lovely. We trotted around a bit, but generally just enjoyed some catch-up time together and eating & drinking outside in her garden

Here are a few photos -

Antonia, in her kitchen                    Ruggy, her funny cat
Daylesford organic farm in Kingham is worth a visit if you are serious about organic & local food. It has a great deli, store (where they stock alot of great things, including their own wine brand) and restaurant.Visit their website HERE

The town of Cirencester, a very english town in the Cotswolds, complete with lovely church and 'cotswold stone' houses (this is also the town where my friend works)

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