Winter want list

With winter arriving here in the southern hemisphere, I feel the need to look for a few upgrades to some of the tired items that just barely lasted the last winter.... and (even though i really don't need much) a new season is always a good excuse to add a couple of new items into my wardrobe and home.

Here are  the items that are currently topping my "winter want list":

1. Textured check scarf - by Country Road (from Woolworths) - I don't know about you, but I'm a bit of a scarf hoarder (i clear them out regularly, but i think I still have a silly amount). I have scarves for all year round, but i especially love it when winter comes around and I can really take advantage of all the scarf wearing opportunities.

2. Mini balled hoops in silver - from Black Betty  -  I love these little hoops. They are simple, but have a little detail to just make them a bit more interesting. I think these would become a firm favourite in my jewellery box.

3. Elie Saab Rose Couture Perfume - I smelt this rosey scent yesterday and I ended up spritzing it all over myself, because it was just so damn pretty. If you already love Elie Saab (I do), then you should give this floral scent a sniff. Hey, just because it's winter doesn't mean you can't still smell like springtime in a garden.

4. The Canon EOS M100 mirrorless camera (you can find it at Orms) - Okay, this has very little to do with winter, but it is something I want right now. I am currently more of an amateur camera phone snapper, but I'm starting to feel like I actually want a proper, "I actually know how to take photos" camera again (know what I mean? lol). Plus, maybe I could use it to Vlog.... hmmmmm....

5. Black tote bag from Jane Sews - These bags are locally made in South Africa and are leather. Plus they have a zip (which, finding on a tote bag, is harder than one might think).

6. Trio Herkimer diamond ring - from Black Betty - Ok, before you think things are getting way too pricey on this want list, let me clarify.... Herkimer diamonds are actually double-terminated quartz crystals and a much cheaper alternative to the fancy diamonds (Dear hubby, you can breathe easy now)

7. Dotty jumper by Country Road (from Woolworths) - I like dots and I cannot lie.

8. No.2 Coconut & Beachflower candle by Yankee Candle  - I love Yankee Candles. they are seriously the best smelling candles I have ever owned. The ceramic collection is very classic looking and the containers can be used after for makeup brushes or as a little cacti pot.

9. Caterpillar Narcissa boot - from Poetry - I love wearing leggings in winter, they are comfy and perfect for wearing boots i am always looking for boots in winter. Currently these boots caught my eye. They look like you could just throw on a plaid shirt, a pair of leggings and go stomping about outdoors in them.

10. Sickle necklace from Famke - Another lovely, South African made piece of jewellery. I've been looking for a little moon necklace for a while, so when i spotted this one it instantly made the list.

11. Smashbox Be Legendary matte lipstick in 'Safe word' - I have a little mini sized one of these and I really love it and need a full sized. It's a medium dark, rose -brown colour and I find it works well for day or night.

12. Pink puffer jacket  -from Poetry - This winter I want to add a bit more colour to my closet with a colour puffer.

13. A house plant -  from Plantify - Plants are always a good idea (especially now that I've learnt how to keep them alive). Living in an apartment has made me really crave more greenery in my home, so I am always on the hunt for plants to join my ever- growing collection.

14. Slippers - every winter I get new slippers because I usually wear them every second i'm not in normal shoes (my feet are always cold and need little foot

What's currently on your want list? 

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